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                              Shanghai Sustainable Accele-tech Company is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to environmental protection. Our company was founded in 2007, and we have professional research team and laboratory. We have taken charge of multiple national and local proj...



                              • Saline wastewater treatment plant of Three-dimensional Pharmaceutical Company under Shanghai Pharm Group —— Upgrading project
                                The wastewater treatment plant is located in Xinghuo development area,...
                              • Peer-reviewed report for Accele-tech’s proposed plans about waste water and gas treatment of Shanghai Huiguang Fine Chemical Industry Company
                                On April 11, 2017, Environmental Science and Engineering College of Do...
                              • Shanxi Huo Jia Industry: chloroprene rubber wastewater treatment project
                                Daily wastewater treatment up to 6,200 t/d —— New construction project...
                              • Model project four
                                The upgrade project of the Sino-Western 3D Pharmaceutical Salt-contain...


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                              1005, Lane 912, Gonghe New Road, Shanghai

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